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Immigration FAQ
I have a 3 year degree from outside the US, can I still qualify for an H-1B?
It may be possible for someone with less than a 4 year degree to still qualify for an H-1B, which requires that the person be a professional (possess at least a 4 year Bachelors degree in the specialty). The USCIS may allow in certain circumstances someone to qualify for an H-1B based on a combination of education and experience to equate to a 4 year US Bachelors degree.
I am in the US on an H-1B, however I do not have a recent pay stub. Can I still do an H-1B transfer to a new employer?
It may still be possible to do an H-1B transfer to a new employer without a recent pay stub, however if too much time has passed since the latest pay stub was issued, the USCIS may approve the petition with consulate notification rather than as an extension of stay since the lack of a pay stub prevents someone from establishing that they have properly maintained their status as required for an extension of stay. When the petition is approved with consulate notification, this means that the person would need to leave the US immediately and re-enter the US using an unexpired H-1B visa stamp in order to effectuate the new H-1B approval.

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