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Immigration FAQ
I don't have a birth certificate, will this cause a problem with my GC application?
It is common for persons from certain countries to not have a registered birth certificate. In these circumstances, the USCIS may also accept a certificate of non-availability from the local governmental office where the birth would be registered confirming that a registration does not exist, along with affidavits from 2 or more persons who have personal knowledge to the birth and parentage of the individual.
My employment based I-485 was recently approved and my spouse, to whom I was married before the I-485 was approved, was not in the US and did not file an accompanying I-485 application. Can my spouse still obtain a GC based on my application?
Yes, it may be possible for a spouse of the principal applicant of an I-485 application that was approved to obtain a GC (immigrant visa) as long as the spouse was married to the principal applicant before the I-485 was approved. A petition would need to be filed to request the USCIS to notify a US Consulate abroad of the I-485 approval, and the spouse can then apply directly at the consulate for an immigrant visa as a spouse following to join.

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