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K1 Fiance Fiancee Visa

K-1 Fiance/Fiancee Visa

The US is the dream destination to live and work for innumerable foreign nationals all over the world. USA offers a number of career opportunities for eligible workers with high standard of living. Trans National Legal Services is akin with unerring and dependable US visa and immigration services across various types of visas. Are you engaged to an U.S. Citizen and plan to live in the United States with your husband/wife-to-be? Want to petition for permanent residency in the United States if your status is that of a fiance/fiancee of a U.S. citizen? The K1 Visa, otherwise known as the Finance or Fiancee Visa (non- immigrant), is the type of visa needed by someone who is engaged to be married to an U.S. Citizen and wishes to live permanently in the United States. Now start your life with your loved ones with K1 Visa.

We at Trans National Legal services provide the most efficient and on-the-target support in procuring a type of visa suitable to your status. When it comes to K-1 visa, we extend the best possible advice, assistance and service to actualize your dream of joining your fiance/fiancee in US.

K1 Visa Specifications:

K1 visa limitation: It is valid up to six months for the date of issue and the wedding should definitely take place within 90 days from the date of entry.

Employment opportunity: K1 visa holders can immediately apply for permission to work by filling a I-176 form, an application form for employment authorisation. The work authorisation is valid up to 90 days after entry.

Time Duration: It will take up to 2 to 8 months to approve a fiance visa petition.

Travel: The K1 visa is a single entry visa. The K-1 Visa holder will not be readmitted if he or she travels out of USA. A fresh K-1 visa must be sought in such cases.

Vacation: A K1 Visa petitioner is barred from going on any vacation as he/she must hold only one status while in the US.

Family Status: You cannot take your family to the US on the basis of K1 Visa as it is a fiance/fiancee-specific visa.

Green Card: K1 Visa holders are not eligible to apply for green cards as the fiance visas are only for fiances of US citizens.

Basic Requirements of K1 Visa:

  • Firstly he/she should be an U.S. Citizen, above 18 years of age to file a petition on behalf of his/her fiance/fiancee
  • Be legally free to marry, if married previously
  • Intend to marry within 90 days
  • Should have met your fiance personally at least once within 2 years prior to filling for the K1 Visa
  • Petitioner must meet the income requirement.

Documents needed to apply for K1 Visa:

  • Valid Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Divorce or death certificate of previous spouse
  • Police Certificates
  • Medical examination reports
  • Evidence of financial support and affidavit of support
  • Proof of your relationship with your fiance
  • Two non-immigrant visa applications Form DS-156
  • One non-immigrant fiance visa application, Form DS-156K
  • Two non-immigrant visa photos

How TNLS involvement in K1 Visa helps you:

Do you need the legal advice regarding the K1 Visa processing, then experience the services at Trans National Legal Services P.C.- a qualified law firm in offering the top notch services by the expert immigration attorneys for your K-1 fiance visa. Our professional team of attorneys will assist and work for you diligently and wholeheartedly, every step of the way from start to finish. Following are some of the core services by our attorneys.

  • Integrated appraisal of your personal circumstances
  • Personalised guidance and support in gathering supporting documents to present your case to the immigration authorities
  • Helps you in assembling the petition package
  • We communicate with US embassy, if needed
  • Monitor the progress of your case and provide you with the updated information regarding the status of the case
  • Suggesting expert advice on how to handle immigration / visa interview.
  • Follow up with USCIS until your petition is approved
  • Genuine follow-on support after the wedding.
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