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L1A Intracompany Transferees

L1 visa:

L1 visa, the dual intent visa for corporates to facilitate transfer of employees to U.S, also allows to apply for green card. L1 visa allows the transferee to work in USA and at the same time apply for green card- the minimal eligibility for U.S. citizenship. Several big multinational companies transfer skilled employees with excellent knowledge over a particular project or tools or techniques to their USA office for new project startup.

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L1 Visa can be availed under two categories- L1A for managerial or executive positions and L1B visa for specialized knowledge professionals. And as per the visa status, visa protocols and specifications vary.

L1 Visa Specifications:

L1 visa limitation- A total of 7 years. Approval of first 3 years, extendable by up to another 4 or 2 years respectively for L1A and L1B visa.

Re-stamping- required a new stamp for visa extensions approval

Visa Interchange flexibility- Having a H1B Visa sponsorship, L1 Visa holders can change their visa status from L1 to H1B.

Multiple employment- L1 Visa holders canā??t work for multiple U.S. employers.

Family Status-The spouse and unmarried children (up to age of 21) of L1 holders are allowed to stay in USA with L2 visa and have a permission to work for U.S employer for the same duration as of the L1.

Green Card or Permanent Residency- L1 holders are eligible to apply for Green card to have the permanent residency status.

Investment- L1 and L2 visa holder can buy or sell real estate, any other property or lottery in U.S. and/or can invest in the stock market or can start a business as their own as well.

US L1 Visa eligibility:

  • An Executive, Manager or a person with specialized knowledge is eligible to get L1 Visa.
  • L1 immigration visa canā??t be applied individually. Employer must file a petition with the USCIS for L1 sponsorship.
  • The visa applicant must have worked for at least a year within the past three years and going to perform for the same employer or an affiliate in the U.S.
  • The L-1 petition must define that both the U.S. and the parent company involved are qualified organizations.
  • The L-1 visa holder must envisage departing the United States at completion of the authorized stay.

L1 visa advantages:

  • L1 to H1B visa flexibility
  • Legal work permit for U.S. employer
  • Travel permission inside and outside the United States
  • L2 visa availability for spouse and children under 21 years old.
  • Along with L1, L2 visa holders have work permits
  • L-1 holder can establish a new branch in US on behalf of MNCs

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